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Aloha BeLoved Earthly Brothers and Sisters,Realms of the Light and Dark,and Members of the Unseen world as well. Eye tell you truly,Even the unseen are seen. I come from the Heart. The Eye of the Central in-tell-i-gent(ly) agentsY….The Sun. The oldest meditator in our galaxy and our Source energy. A Brand New Interview today:4:20:15. i will release it as soon as it is ready. The transmissions are available for pickup and Delivery. got it? so much Love is coming your way. Namaste and Aloha. May all Beings be HAPPY,Well and Wholey! MMhttps:http://http://www.findingvoicesradio.com/index.php/en/home-en/2-programma/446-20-april-22-00-00-00-cet-et-first-contact-with-mohani-


Aloha Every One!

Today is a new moon and a great time for new projects! This is my new website. That’s right! For the very first time I get to share my thoughts, gifts and talents with the world! Are you ready to get SuperNatural? I am a Whole Foods Organic Gourmet Food Chef…..Raw,Vegan, Juices, Vegetarian and Ethnic for private parties or Yoga Retreats.I encourage you to to read my “About Mohani” page and subscribe to my site so that you can find out the latest news about Mohani MataHari and new information and opportunities.