Mohani MataHari-Chef Resume 2016


Spiritual Food AlchemyTM

Most Recent:

*The SuperNatural Juice Company-Current- Prepare Beauty Full Fresh Juice Elixirs for markets……supporting local farmers and the Community.2010-2015!!

*Give Talks to Local Community on Nutrition and Spirituality, make Juices for Private People who want to learn or need help…Currently
*Chef- Catered Wedding for 30! -**Azyus & Lahia**(Kundalini Yoga teachers)-Local Produce/Hawaiian Themed…Asian Pan-Pacific Vegetarian Fare served up Family buffet Style. Over 73 Coconuts used in the Various Dishes!! All Fresh,Organic, Visually Beautiful! (June 2011)

* Founder/Owner “SuperNatural Juice Company”™-Serving Delicious ELIXIRS OF LIFE!..”SuperHero Ginger Lemonade” & “Spicy Green Goddess Elixir”. All from Organic Fresh Squeezed Fruits and Vegetables! Serving up High Vibrations with a Booth at the S.P.A.C.E.(Seaview Performing Arts Center). (2009 til’ Present)

Chef- Catered an “Erotic Valentine’s Day” Gathering
200 People, Raw Erotic Finger Foods. Opihikao, Puna, Big Island (February 2009)

*Raw Food Chef-“Pele Rising” Raw Food PermaCulture Retreat- With Chef Bruce ”Spruce” Horowitz. Sous Chef for Melissa Mango with Dinners. Hawaiian Sanctuary, Pahoa, Big Island,(January 2009)
* Chef for Construction and Permaculture crew and Woofers at The Hawaiian Sanctuary, Local and Vegetarian fare. (Summer 2008) Big Island of Hawaii

*Raw Food Chef –Island Naturals Market and Deli-Used my own recipes for the Raw Food Grab & Go Deli Case Specializing in Savory Delights!
*Developed and use Logo: “SPIRITUAL FOOD ALCHEMY”, and also worked as a  *“Supplements Clerk” – Guiding People on Nutrition/Health/Cleansing. I Did research and Answered Health Questions.
*My Focus is Digestive Health and am very In favor of a Clean Colon and Strong Immune System. (October 2007-July 2008)

*Chef-Angel Farms-(Hydrocolon Therapy Retreat Center)
Primarily making Tasty blended soups following a “Food Signature” Program
Where the foods contain nutrients that support and nourish different parts of the Colon and Body, And making Employee Meals .(October 2006-June 2007)

*Chef for Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center
Raw Food Chef and Also Followed the Gerson Therapy Program(Vegan, No Fat, No Salt.) Prepared Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Special Teas, Gerson Soup, Plus 15 juices a day for each patient. The patients were either Cancer Patients,Detoxifying  from Heavy Metals, etc, or reintegrating food back into their diet after fasting.(October 2007-December 07”)(December 08’-January 2009)

*Chef for Two Retreats at The Center of Conscious Oneness
Master Yu-“Living Buddha”/2012 Mayan Priestess Workshop
Private Catering for 20 people(December 07’-February 07’)

*Private Chef for a Private Family in Kahaluu,Oahu
Raw Foods for Wife, Vegetarian Kids ,Meat Eating Husband…Various Dinner Parties
Used my own recipes and was encouraged to experiment with New Ideas. I ReArranged their kitchen and Walk-In Pantry and Set them up for Success for Optimum Health! Always supporting Organic and Local.(October,2005-August,2006)

*Raw Food Chef for BradaJo Hadley (Hawaiian Pidjin Poet & Author)
BradaJo asked me to cater his “Reading”Parties” at his home.
I would make four to five raw items per party. 2004,2005’,2006’

*Waitstaff-Kahala Caterers- Catered On-Location Events
9th and Waialae Ave-Honolulu(December-2005-2006)

*Waitstaff-Hawaii Convention Center(Honolulu)
Full service Meals for Major Conventions of 1000 Plus People,like Pfizer Inc.(2004/2005)

*Manager of Kiosk, Juice Chef, Waitstaff, Catering Coordinator
Ono Pono(University of Hawaii-Honolulu)
The Invisible Kingdom of Humanity-with Gene Tomashiro-A Vegetarian Kiosk in the Sustain-ability Courtyard of University of Hawaii at Manoa. Focusing on Sustain-ability and Affordable Heal-Thy lunches for students. I promoted a “Bring your own Bowl” Campaign to Eliminate Waste of “To Go”  Containers. I also created a Fresh juice menu using Local Produce and was asked to take over the business, but I moved to the Big Island instead.  (2004/2006)

Film Industry Catering:

* Craft Services P.A. –“Pearl Harbor”-I set up an entire kitchen on Ford Island for 25 offices and did the shopping and replenishing of goods throughout filming of the movie (Jan-May 2000)

*Coordinated & Catered the Daily’s –on “Pearl Harbor”-every night for Jerry Bruckheimer(Which means that I sought out the Best Food within my Budget from Restaurants around Honolulu and transported and served the Executives for Movie.) Jerry Bruckheimer and I were the last ones to leave Every night…..we worked the longest hours on the set!
(February/ May 2000)

*Craft Services P.A – “Bud Light Superbowl Commercial”-
Given a budget and Bought, Set up and Served Snacks for the Cast and Crew
Anheuser Busch, Inc., Backyard Productions,(January 2000)

*Chef/ Coordinator-“Body By Jake”(“AbScissors 2” Commercial)-
I started out as a Craft Services P.A., and became the Chef/ Coordinator
I served breakfast, lunch and snacks buffet style for 50 cast and crew.
(July 2005)

*Craft Services P.A.-“Kraft Commercial”- Bought and Served Healthy Snacks and Creative Drinks for Cast and Crew,The Schiller Group (April 1998)

*2nd Unit Craft Services Coordinator- “That Darn Cat!”
Shopped and Provided  Healthy Snacks and Drinks for 2nd Unit Cast and Crew
(Disney/TDC Productions) Kat Ciao Inc.(November 1995)

More Restaurants or Food Related Work:

*Waitstaff-Buca Di Beppo(Honolulu) Helped open the Restaurant and waited tables there for several years.

*Cashier-Kokua Market
Co-Op Health Food Store,King St,Honolulu(1998-1999

I have always enjoyed eating good food and serving others. I believe serving others is the greatest gift of a leader and, with grace, can bring joy to anyone. Although I have worked in many aspects of the food service industry, my work has been actually creating dishes as a Chef for Parties, Retreats, Weddings, and events lately. I also Created and Run the “SuperNatural Juice Company™!” which includes Signature Elixirs that people have been coming back for for three years now! I call myself the “UnderCover Lover” because I have a deeper message of Health and Vitality through Nutrition and Gratitude.(There is more to the story but that is a secret!) I get the message across by being a positive example in my own life.
In  the last 12 years…my interests has been in Living Foods. Although I do not limit myself to any one discipline, living foods are so beautiful to create and the design of a dish is fun for me as I focus on beauty and nutritional aspects and of course…flavor.I can easily adapt to a Raw, Vegan or Vegetarian diet.
I am very interested in Nutrition and am very familiar with most supplements and food in the health Food stores. I love to use Fresh organic Herbs and flowers and include the Rainbow Diet concept!
I can say that my personality is quite Unique and Dynamic. I definitely flow with the Divine Force of Life and incorporate my love for Creator Source Energy and appreciation for all that is into my Edible Creations! I believe in supporting the Earth by using only non-chemically treated produce and non-GMO foods. I give local farmers as much support as I can…and I grow some produce myself! For me…it is a Delight to serve those who appreciate food made with Love!…Blessings and Gratitude!!!!!
I would like to say Thank You for looking over my resume and will look forward to hearing from you very soon! The best way to reach me is :facebook: Mohani Matahari)
…..Blessings of Aloha,  Mohani MataHari


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