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Matahari was born in North Carolina as Kimberly Lowery. Growing up she was surrounded by over 500 Rose Bushes of different varieties as her Father John is a Horticulturalist, Rose Show Judge, Competitor and grafts new varieties of Roses and Japanese Maples. Her Mother Becky designs Rose arrangements and competed as well. Her early memories include riding in the car to these Rose Shows with the windows rolled up and the Air-Conditioning on to preserve the perfect structure of the roses. The whole car would be filled with Divine Aroma of this High Vibrational Flower.
In 1980, young Kimmie was struck by lightning standing in the doorway to their garage which faced the Rose garden. She saw a giant “Tree of Light” in front of her as she was flying backwards across the garage. The Power had knocked the Breath out of her and her arms went flying up in the air. Her right arm was glowing a bright neon antifreeze color green. She landed on her feet as her brain processed what had just happened. Immediately afterwards, Electrical Tools would malfunction in her presence like lights flickering, watches breaking etc. She just accepted these occurances as a way of life until 1997 when she had an “Inner Out of Body” Experience while receiving an extremely Painful Massage. The massage was too painful to take, but she kept taking the pain because somehow she knew that it was good for her. “It was like he raked the density out of my body!” As she pushed past her pain threshold, her spirit detached from her body and was floating inside her belly. She realized that she was not her body but something else…that her body was the “Car” that she drives around in this life. She could see Golden light floating around her in the darkness of her belly. “Oh! She said…I am a mass of energy and light!” “I am not this body.“What we see when we look in the mirror is a reflection of our thoughts and actions(plus those of our ancestors)from the time that we’re born, up until the present moment.”
Until this time, Kimmie had been studying the Art of Massage for about one year. The next time she went into the room to work on someone, she realized that she had been given a gift….to “See Energy” in a new way. “I can see a person’s pure spirit….which is perfect….in perfect alignment. Then I lay a picture of their actual physical body over top of the pure aligned spirit and I can see the lines of defilement, where the choices that the person made were not in alignment with their spirit.”
This gift carries over into other aspects of her life. She can enter into a household, a business etc…and “See” where the energy is blocked. The other party must be willing to hear where the imbalances are in order for the information to be useful. She calls this “Space Clearing.” This new awareness led Kimmie on a journey to understand more about energy and this readiness to learn attracted many wonderful teachers including Mohan Singh, and Il Chi Lee, and Master Park of Dahn Hak, and Nature. So many teachings are available through awareness and listening deeply to oneself and one’s surroundings’.
Kimmie moved to Oahu, Hawaii in 1998 and her spirit rapidly advanced in its understanding of itself. She felt like she had a mission to help others “Awaken” from their slumber or lack of awareness. Her love for others is the catalyst for radiating as brightly as she can. She adopted meditation in 1998 and chanting vibrational Mantras in 2006.
While chanting the Guyatri Mantra ,( a chant of gratitude to our Life sustaining Sun…the one who radiates the most brightly!) one morning after a Deep Hydrocolon Therapy Cleanse, She heard another name over the top of the chant she was chanting. She received the name Matahari. When she went to look up the meaning of this name, she found that it meant “The Eye Of The Sun.”  This experience had great meaning for her and she began using the name.
In addition to the Transformational Bodywork Sessions that Matahari offers, She is a Cosmic Chef and uses Prayer Alchemy to create the most Magically Delicious High-Vibrational, Nourishing  Foods for your meditations and practice.


3 responses to “About Mohani

  1. Rebecca Lowery


  2. Rebecca Lowery

    What a special person this mohani is. Deightful experiences and depth of spirit awareness..

  3. Eye must agree Rebecca

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